• SSR-25AA Solid State Relay AC to AC (Input 80-250V AC Output 24-380V AC) with Heat Sink, 25A
    Model: SSR-25AA, single phase Solid State Relay 25A AC to AC control, UL Approved, CE Compliant to EN60950-1 Input voltage 80-250V AC, Load voltage 24-380V AC, Max load current 25 Amp Rugged epoxy encapsulation construction, high isolation over than 50MΩ(500VDC), high dielectric over than 2.5KV, output snubber circuit protection No EMI/EFI & Low surge by Zero Cross Trigger method, specially suited to control sensitive, capacitive and Non-saturated inductive loads SSR switches use semiconductor component acts as a switch for the relay, no moving parts inside, no mechanical wear, no action noise, no mechanical failure, and high reliability
  • CJX2-2510 Rail Mount Contactor Industrial Electric Contactor With Power 25A and Coil Voltage 24VAC/36VAC/48VAC/110VAC/380VAC (Optional)(24VAC)
    Reliable quality: Made from high quality material which is durable and reliable. Enjoys high sensitivity and greater carrying capacity,Mechanical life: 6 million times ,Electrical life: 600,000 times,Operating frequency: 600 times / hour Wide range of USES: Stable connection contact is of strong conductivity. Usually used in power, distribution and power applications. Multiple coil voltage models are available:24VAC/36VAC/48VAC/110VAC/380VAC (Optional) This product is an industrial electric appliance that uses a coil to flow through the current to generate a magnetic field that closes the contact to achieve the control load of the electrical installation. Condition: 100% Brand New
  • HRSTAR Original KAKU KA9225HA2 Axial Fan AC 220/240V 0.10/0.09A 92X92X25mm Cooling Fan
    Condition: 100% new and good quality; Model: KA9225HA2;Bearing: Ball / sleeve bearing; FAN SIZE: 92*92*25mm;Valid for approval / standard :CE ; Nominal voltage : 220/ 240VAC; Frequency :50/60Hz; Speed : 2650/3150RPM; Power:20/18W; Current 0.10/0.09A ; Noise:35/37DBA; We are professional Fan supplier,All products are New original genuine. Please rest assured to purchase, About the product parameters , please check and understand them carefully , if not please feel free to contact us, we are pleased with serve for you.
  • 5Qty. Microwave Oven Cartridge Fuse High Voltage 5kV 800mA(0.8A)6 x 40mm 640mm / 0.24"" x 1.6"" (DL)
    Cartridge fuse dimensions: 6x40mm (1/4" x 1-5/8") Ampere : 0.8A 5kV peak voltage rating Body Material : Glass Applies to a variety of microwave ovens, refrigerators, toasters, and many other electronics
  • ITE SIEMENS P215 Circuit Breaker, 15AMP, 2POLE, 120/240VAC
  • Adda AA1251MB-AW 115VAC 120 mm x 25 mm Tubeaxial Fan Ball 69 CFM
    Air flow: 69 CFM Noise: 38.7 dBA Rated Speed: 2300 RPM
  • Compstudio 5pcs/lot 0.9A 5KV 6mmx40mm High Voltage Microwave Oven Fuse Glass-Tube Fast Blow Fuse
    Model:5KV0.9A Current:0.9A Dimension:6 mm x 40 mm Package Included: 5Pcs Fuse High Voltage Glass-Tube
  • Transformer with wire leads and quick connect universal 24 VAC 40 VA 120/208/240 Volt 60 HZ Primary TP-40VA
    Transformer with wire leads and quick connect universal 24 VAC 40 VA 120/208/240 Volt 60 HZ Primary 40 VA 120/208/240 Primary VAC, 24 VAC Secondary Transformer 40 VA 50/60 HZ Transformer 40 VA with wires, 40 amp TP-40VA
  • X-DREE LED Indicator Solid State Relay SSR Module 25A 3-32V DC 75-480V AC w Heat Sink (648badba-a222-11e9-8d7c-4cedfbbbda4e)
    Product Name : Solid State Relay w Heatsink;Type : SSR-25DA-H;Material : Relay: Metal, Plastic, Electric Parts Heat Sink: Aluminum : Heat Sink: Aluminum;Rated Load Current : 25A;Input : DC 3-32V Output : AC 75-480V;Relay Size : 5.7 x 4.2 x 2.5cm / 2.2" x 1.7" x 1" (L*W*T);Heat Sink Size : 8 x 5 x 5cm/ 3.1" x 2" x 2"(L*W*H) Weight : 200g;Package Content : 1 x Solid State Relay w Heatsink (f516d746-a221-11e9-8d7c-4cedfbbbda Total Size : 8 x 5 x 7.6cm/ 3.1" x 2" x 3"(L*W*H);Main Color : Black, Gray (Tamaño total: 8 x 5 x 7.
  • interVOLT 24V DC 20 Amp Isolated Switchmode Power Conditioner - GEN II Maxi Series – Model SPCi242420G2
    Premium Grade 24V DC Power Conditioner / Isolator User Adjustable Output Voltage from 24V to 28V for Line-load and Battery Charging Applications Highly Stable (< 20mV ripple) Under a Range of Input Conditions (20 - 33 VDC input) Heavy Duty 20 Amp Continuous Output - Galvanic Isolation between Input and Output Innovative Operator Interface and Circuit Protection Features
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