• Bakugan Armored Alliance Fused Deka Dragonoid x Tretorous
    Bakugan Armored Alliance Fused Deka Dragonoid x Tretorous Fused Deka Bakugan combine 2 factions and are the powerful jumbo versions of your favorite characters! With an exclusive large BakuCore included, pop open into Baku-Action! Transform your Deka Bakugan from 3-inch Bakugan ball to battle-ready Deka Bakugan! Roll it across the large BakuCore and watch your Bakugan pop open in an epic transformation! Use the included ability card in the Bakugan trading card game to defeat opponents and become the ultimate Bakugan Master! Deka Bakugan are a great gift for fans and collectors aged 6 and up. Add all of the fused Deka Bakugan to your collection (each sold separately) and bring the world of Bakugan to life!
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers New Vestroia Subterra Midnight Percival Bakuneon Series Booster Pack
    1 Morphing Marble Bakugan Season 2 Bakuneon Series Subterra Midnight Percival 1 Ability Card + 1 Metal Gate Card For ages 5+
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