• SSR-25AA Solid State Relay AC to AC (Input 80-250V AC Output 24-380V AC) with Heat Sink, 25A
    Model: SSR-25AA, single phase Solid State Relay 25A AC to AC control, UL Approved, CE Compliant to EN60950-1 Input voltage 80-250V AC, Load voltage 24-380V AC, Max load current 25 Amp Rugged epoxy encapsulation construction, high isolation over than 50MΩ(500VDC), high dielectric over than 2.5KV, output snubber circuit protection No EMI/EFI & Low surge by Zero Cross Trigger method, specially suited to control sensitive, capacitive and Non-saturated inductive loads SSR switches use semiconductor component acts as a switch for the relay, no moving parts inside, no mechanical wear, no action noise, no mechanical failure, and high reliability
  • MEAN WELL 323282 RS-25-5 AC to DC Power Supply, Single Output, 5V, 5 Amp, 25W, 1.5"
    Country Of Origin: China Model Number: 323282 Item Product Dimension: 3.1" L x 2.0" W x 1.1" H Item Package Weight: 0.43 lb
  • ICM Controls ICM2902 IPI Gas Ignition Control Replacement for Popular Models, Including Lennox 30W33 and JCI G776RGD-14 Series Controls
    Intermittent pilot gas ignition control For use with intermittent pilot boilers, furnaces and other heating appliances Microprocessor-based precision Monitors timing, trial for ignition, flame sensing and lockout Remote flame sensing
  • Twidec/Output Single Phase SSR Solid State Relay 25A 3-32V DC to 24-480V AC SSR-25DA
    Product name : solid state relay; Model No.: SSR-25DA;If you want to reach 25A, you need to add a large heat sink and fan Current : 25A;Frequency : 50/60Hz; output Voltage : 24-480vac;Special attention:This relay cannot be used for more than 10A for a long time.If that actual use current exceeds 15A,It is necessary to separately configure the heat sink. Control Voltage : 3-32vdc; mounting hole diameter : 4.5Mm/0.18" Total size (approximate) : 58 x 45 x 32Mm/2.3" x 1.8" x 1.26" (l*w*t); material : metal, plastic, electronic parts Net weight : 80G; Package Content : 1 x solid state relay
  • ALLEN BRADLEY 802T-BP Limit Switch, Plug-in, Surface MOUNTING, NEMA Type 4 and 13 OILTIGHT Construction, TOP Push Rod, 2-Circuit, Whole Switch
  • TIHOOD SSR-25 AA 25A AC 80-250V to AC 24V-380V SSR Solid State Relay + Heat Sink (AC to AC 25A)
    Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Material: Metal,Electrical Parts Net Weight: 143g; Package Content: 1 x SSR, 1 x Heat Sink, 1x Safe Cover, 2x Screw. Model: SSR-25AA Solid State Relay 25A AC to AC Input: 80-250V AC Load: 24-380V AC Certificated: 24 hours customer services, 1 year quality guarantee
  • Siemens MT0100B Industrial Power Transformer, Domestic, 240 X 480 Primary Volts 50/60Hz, 24 Secondary Volts, 100VA Rating
    Reduces 240 x 480 V (primary voltage) to 24 V (secondary voltage) Rated up to 100 VA Silicon steel-laminated core and copper magnet wire for increased transformer efficiency Epoxy-encapsulated to resist moisture, dust, and industrial contaminants Built-in fuse clips on secondary side save panel space and wiring time because they do not have to be manually installed in the field
  • SSR-25AA Solid State Relay with Heat Sink AC to AC Input 80-250V AC Output 24-380V AC Max Current 25A (SSR-25AA)
    SSR-25AA Solid State Relay with aluminum heat radiator and heat conductive silica gel Input: AC 80-250V, Load: AC 24-380V max current 40A When load current is greater than 10A,so recommended to use Radiator This product comes with radiator and heat conducting silica gel,make the usage more safe and convenient Package include: 1x Solid State Relay 1x heat sink 1x silica gel sheet
  • American Standard Trane Furnace Control Kit # TDD060C936F2 - Kit Includes IFC Board, Ignitor, Wire Harness and Bracket
    OEM Furnace Control American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component NOTE - For downflow units built in 1999 and earlier, use KIT18109, for all other units, use KIT18110. Commonly Used in Various Trane / American Standard Systems…SEE NOTES Replaces / Supersedes:  BAF00359 BAF0359 BAF-0359 CNT05995 CNT5995 CNT-5885 KIT18110 KIT-18110 CNT05165 CNT5165 CNT-5165 CNT3076 CNT-3076 CNT03076 CNT03798 CNT-3798 CNT3798 CNT5164 CNT05164 CNT-5164 CNT2854 CNT02854 CNT-2854 CNT03604 CNT-3604 CNT3604 CNT07541 CNT7541 CNT-7541 50A65-475 50A65-475-07 , D341396P05 D341396P03 D341213P01 D341396P01 D341396P01 50A65-120 50A65-143 50A65-288 and many others.
  • John Deere Original Equipment Filter Element #KV16428
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