• Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/8 HP 230v X70370245010 MOT12004 by Trane GE Genteq
    1/8 HP 200 - 230V 825 RPM
  • MOT11051 - OEM Trane American Standard Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/4 HP 200-230v by Trane
    Brand: Trane Product Number: MOT11051 Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
  • Trane American Standard Furnace Blower Motor 3/4 HP 115v 21D340088 X70671097017
    OEM American Standard / Trane Component 3/4 HP , 115/60/1 Volt , 1075 RPM , 48 Frame Motor American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Commonly Used in Various American Standard & Trane Units See Decription Below for Additional Information Supersedes / Replaces: 5KCP39PGP932AS , MOT-4717 MOT4717 X70671097017 and others.
  • Trane American Standard Fan Motor 1/4 HP 200-230v D154846P01 MOT12207 MOT12535 - Replaced by MOT18625
    1/4 HP , 825 RPM OEM Motor American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component with Warranty Replaces / Supersedes:  MOT-12207 , MOT12207 , MOT-12535 , 5KCP39MFAC15AS , D154846P01 and others Commonly Used in these Trane Units 2TTA3060A3000BA, 2TTA3060A3S00AA, 2TTA3060A3SE0AA, 2TTB3060A1000BA, 2TTB3060A1000CA, 2TTB3060A1000NA, 2TTB3060A1S00AA, 2TTB3060A1SE0AA, 2TWB3048A1000BA, 2TWB3048A1000CA, 2TWB3060A1000BA, 2TWB3060A1000CA, 4TTA3042A3000AA, 4TTA3042A3000BA, 4TTA3048A3000AA, 4TTA3048A3000BA, 4TTA3060A3000AA, 4TTA3060A3000BA, 4TTA7060A3000AA Also Used in: 4TTB3042A1000AA, 4TTB3042A1000BA, 4TTB3048A1000AA, 4TTB3048A1000BA, 4TTB3060A1000AA, 4TTB3060A1000BA, 4TTB4061E1000CA, 4TTB6061A1000AA, 4TTR3042A1000AA, 4TTR3048A1000AA, 4TTR3060A1000AA, 4TTR5061E1000BA, 4TTR6060A1000AA, 4TTR6061B1000AA, 4TTR7060A1000AA Commonly Used in these American Standard Heat Pumps 4A6H3036A1000AA, 4A6H3036A1000BA, 4A6H3042A1000AA, 4A6H3042A1000BA, 4A6H3048A1000AA, 4A6H3048A1000BA, 4A6H3048A1000BB, 4A6H3060A1000AA, 4A6H3060A1000BA, 4A6H3060A1000BB, 4A6H4060D1000AA, 4A6H5061E1000BA, 4A6H5061E1000BB, 4A6H5061E1000CA, 4A6H6060E1000BA, 4A6H7060A1000AA, 4A6H7060A1000BA, 4A6H7060A1000CA,
  • Siemens 1LE21211CA314EA3 5-HP 3600 Rpm 208 230/460-volt 184tc General Purpose Electric Motor Nema Premium Efficient Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Rotor
    5 HP, 3600 RPM 184TC Frame 208-230/460 Volt Removable feet allow for F1, F2, F3 terminal box position Inverter Duty Rating Variable Torque 20:1 Constant Torque 4:1
  • for Sanyo 109P0412G3D083 12v 0.31A 3-Wire 4cm 4028 Ball Cooling Fan
    Model Number:109P0412G3D083 Size:40*40*28mm,Voltage:12V, Current:0.31A All pictures are taken in kind, please check and compare the fan model carefully before placing an order. All item was tested well working before sent out,Made in China Quality 100% If you are satisfied with the purchase, please leave a good comment after receiving the goods. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us in time, we will try our best to solve your problems, thank you.
  • AC axial Fan Ikura 6250MG1 220VAC 160×160×55MM 50/60Hz Industrial Cooling Fan
    Model:6250MG1 Size: 160*160*55mm , Voltage: AC220V , Current: 0.2A This accessory can perfectly solve the problem caused by the old parts, and purchase according to the picture model The products have been strictly tested before shipment, and the quality is 100% made in China If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will try our best to solve it for you
  • Trane MOT10478 Central Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    Brand: Trane Product Number: MOT10478 Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
  • OEM Upgraded Trane American Standard 1/8 HP 230v Condenser Fan Motor MOT11447
    BRAND NEW OEM Upgraded Condenser Fan Motor 1/8 HP, 208-230 Volt OEM Wiring Color Code & Wiring Diagram Makes Wiring Easy!
  • 15 kVA Isolation Transformer - Single Phase - 208V Primary - 120/240V Secondary - NEMA 3R
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