• 5 Qty. Divine Lighting 5X20mm 500mA Fast-Blow Fuse 250v 500mA; 217; Ceramic 5x20mm 500mA Fast-Blow Fuse
    Diameter : 5mm (~3/16 in) Length : 20mm (~3/4 in) Rating : 500mA 250V Body Material : Ceramic Fuse Type : Fast Blow (Fast Burn)
  • Daito Micro Fuse HM50 (5 A) 5 Amp 250V Fanuc
  • Siemens ED43B125 Circuit Breaker, Type ED4, 125 Amp, 3 Pole
    ED Frame Sentron Circuit Breaker 480 Volt Rated Line side lugs not included Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Siemens SIEED42B125 SIE ED42B125 2P 125A 480V CB, Black
    ED Frame Sentron Circuit Breaker 480 Volt Rated Line side lugs not included Product Dimension: 14.3" x 14.6" x 5.6"
  • Bussmann AGA-20 20 Amp AGA Series Fast-Acting Glass Tube Fuse - Pack of 5
    Rig Rite Group 29/31 Battery Tray
  • Siemens Q225 25A 120/240VAC NSNP
    NSFS – New Surplus Factory Sealed (OEM) NSMP – New Surplus Manufacturer Package (OEM) NSNP – New Surplus No Manufacturer Package (OEM) NUPI - New Unused Previously Installed (OEM) REMAN – Remanufactured Like New (OEM)
  • 5Qty. Microwave Oven Cartridge Fuse High Voltage 5kV 700mA(0.7A)6 x 40mm 640mm / 0.24"" x 1.6"" (DL)
    Cartridge fuse dimensions: 6x40mm (1/4" x 1-5/8") Ampere : 0.7A 5kV peak voltage rating Body Material : Glass Applies to a variety of microwave ovens, refrigerators, toasters, and many other electronics
  • Eaton Bussmann NON-90, 90Amp 250V Medium/Normal Blow Class K5 & H Cartridge Blade Fuse
    Dimension: 5.88 in L x 1 1/16 in W Cartridge 90Amp (90A) 250V Medium/Normal Blow Class K5 & H Blade Fuse This Eaton Bussmann NON90 could be used to substitute for Littlelfuse NLN090 and Ferraz/Shamwut/Mersen OT90
  • 25 Amp Non-Current Limiting One Time Fuse Class K5, 250V - No. NON-25
    Cooper Bussmann
  • Tnisesm 60 Pcs F20AL Fast-Blow Fuse 20A 250 V Glass Fuses 5 x 20mm/0.2" x 0.75" 5 x 20-20A
    100% brand new and high quality 5x20mm Fast-blow Glass Fuses Quick Product Name : Glass tube fuses; Function : Fast Blow; Material : Glass; Color : Clear, Silver Tone Fuse Current: 20A; Rated Voltage : 250V Dimension : 5 x 20mm/ 0.2" x 0.75"(L*D) Package Quantity: 60 Pcs F20AL250V, Those glass fuses are packaged in a clear plastic box for keeping different Ampere values separated and easy to access
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