Bakugan videos | Affordable Price

  • Origin of Species Part 1 / Origin of Species Part 2
  • A Combination Battle
  • Julie Plays "Hard Brawl"
  • Stratified / Maze Daze
  • Alice Gets Schooled
  • Show Me What You've Got
  • Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia - Nintendo Switch
    Become Bakugan brawling heroes through the game's highly competitive and deep action battle system as players builds their best Bakugan teams Assemble 3 of your strongest Bakugan, each with their own customizable abilities, and equip Baku-gear to form the ultimate Team Synergy Fully exportable 3D world divided into different districts, each with dedicated battle environments Take on the world: test your skills against the world In head-to-head online multiplayer brawls using the Bakugan teams you have trained on your adventure
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