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  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro AIR 4K Ultra HD Dual Camera FPV WiFi Quadcopter Follow Me Mode Gesture Control 2 Batteries Included (BLACK)
    4K Ultra HD 8MP DUAL CAMERA: This edition has 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the bottom. Split-Screen and Picture in Picture mode shows real-time transmission from both cameras, allowing you to RECORD footage of both camera views SIMULTANEOUSLY! The UHD video then instantly and wirelessly transfers to your smartphone photo album. This amazing quadcopter was specifically engineered for extreme photo/video versatility, high dynamic range capability, and ultra-high definition pictures/video TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: 24-30mins -Each battery will provide approximately 12-15 mins of flight time (2 total drone batteries included with THIS 4K UHD Dual Camera Drone. WiFi FPV Real-Time Transmission allows you to view and record everything straight on your smartphone's screen! You can even use your phone to control the flight of the drone if you'd like (but also comes with a Remote Control). FOLLOW ME MODE: This Technologically advanced drone will follow you wherever you go, allowing you to take Pictures and Record Video HANDS FREE. PERFECT for Action Shots. Want a CARRYING CASE? Just enter this code into Amazon's Search Bar: B07R3CCK1K Want EXTRA BATTERIES? Enter this code: B07S3S4ZF6 for Extra PROPELLER BLADES enter this code: B07VH1BN7M and for Extra USB CHARGING CABLES: B07VMHLGD2
  • Drone-Clone Xperts Upgraded Battery for Limitless 3 Drone, 7.6V 3400mAh Intelligent Battery Provides Extra Long Flight Time, LED Power Status Lights
    UPGRADED Battery for the super popular newly released LIMITLESS 3 drone. Also compatible with LIMITLESS 2 drone. 7.6V 3400mAh Intelligent Battery Provides Even Longer Flight Time up to 26mins. Equipped with LED Power Status Lights to indicated how much power remains, which can be easily checked at any time. (Max Flight time can reach up to 29mins in certain flight modes)
  • Drone-Clone Xperts Remote Control Car, 4WD Off Road RC Stunt Truck Toy, 360° Rotation Drift Wheels with Gesture Control Smartwatch (Blue)
    Quickly shift from a Car to a Truck with one press of a button, or simply use HAND GESTURES with the GESTURE CONTROL SMARTWATCH that's included! With the 2.4GHz Smartwatch, YOU are able to control EVERY aspect of the car by using simple hand gestures....NO REMOTE NEEDED! But it also comes with a traditional Remote Controller. Would you rather use a Remote to drive instead of the gesture smartwatch? No problem! This incredible RC Stunt Car also comes with a traditional Remote Controller for precision control. So you can use either the watch or remote to control the car, or a combination of the two. Equipped with super tough tires and powerful 4WD makes it perfect for OFF-ROADING adventures. Drives on virtually any surface. Pay close attention to the wheels. You'll notice they're specifically designed to move in ALL directions instantaneously.
  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro Spare Batteries 2X 3.7V 500mAh Lipo (2 Pcs Batteries)
    **Listing is for 2 x BATTERIES (DRONE is NOT INCLUDED) **NOT Compatible with the AIR or LIMITLESS edition of the Drone X Line of Quadcopters (See photos for better understanding of drone used). If looking for Drone X Pro AIR Batteries, type the following ASIN into amazon search bar: B07S3S4ZF6. If looking for LIMITLESS batteries search for B07X2D3WZ9 Brand Name: Drone-Clone Xperts Usage: Spare Batteries for Drone X Pro RC Drone/Quadcopter Quantity: 2pcs x 3.7V 500mAh Lipo Batteries Included Model #: DCX20 Capacity: 500mAh Voltage: 3.7V Weight:19g Flying Time Produced: About 10-12 mins Charging time: About 60-70 mins
  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS 4K GPS 5G WiFi Dual Camera Brushless Motor Quadcopter Follow Me Mode 25min Battery 800m Distance
  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS - X Pro Limitless 4K GPS 5G WiFi Quadcopter Battery 7.4V 2800mAh Intelligent 25min Flight Time RC Spare Parts
    LONG FLIGHT TIME: This high capacity battery allows your LIMITLESS Drone to stay in the air for 25 mins on 1 charge! Extended flight time and fun is not a problem when you have INTELLIGENT and PRACTICAL: 4 LED lights allow you to see how much battery power remains. Just press the button and see the power status. DURABLE: Just by holding this battery you'll be able to tell how well constructed it is. Made from highly durable materials allows this battery to last for the lifetime of your LIMITLESS Drone SAFE: Made from fire-proof materials makes this Lipo battery safe to use in your quadcopter
  • Drone-Clone Xperts Propeller Blades for Drone X Pro AIR 1080p HD Dual Camera WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Spare Parts 2 Sets (8pcs)
    New or Replacement propellers designed for Drone X Pro AIR 1080p HD Dual Camera Quadcopter made by Drone-Clone Xperts Lightweight, Durable, and easy to install. These propellers prove durable due to their unique engineered ability to flex on impact High strength plastic construction provides rigidity, lightness, and optimal effectiveness
  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro LIMITLESS with GPS Auto Return Home, 5G WiFi FPV, 4K UHD Dual Camera, Brushless Motors, Follow Me, 25 Mins Flight Time, Long Control Range Quadcopter
    GPS with AUTO RETURN HOME: LIMITLESS 2 has a Precision GPS System on-board which allows you to TRACK & RECORD your flight! A Map shows Distance & Speed of the drone as well as its exact Latitude & Longitudinal location all on your screen! RETURN TO HOME (RTH) works seamlessly with 1 press of a button your drone comes back to it's exact take-off location. NEVER WORRY about Low Battery or Loss of Signal-- LIMITLESS automatically RETURNS HOME keeping your quadcopter safe from harm! 4K UHD RESOLUTION: Dual Camera allows you to take photos & video in 4K Ultra-HD Resolution from a wide-variety of creative angles. Record from both cameras/angles simultaneously with split-screen filming or alternate between front and bottom cams All pictures / videos are instantly and wirelessly transferred / stored directly on your smartphone's photo album. Also, with 1 press of a button, you can easily share the amazing drone footage you captured using Email, Twitter, SMS, Facebook, etc 25 MIN FLIGHT TIME: Equipped with a high capacity battery providing 25min of flight time on a single charge. WANT EVEN MORE FLIGHT TIME? Enter code B07X2D3WZ9 into amazon's search bar. LIMITLESS is also equipped with BRUSHLESS MOTORS: 1806 Brushless Motor Noise Reduction Fan Blade provides efficient power, low noise, extended battery life, and precision control. 800M DISTANCE CAPABILITY is seemingly LIMITLESS. POINT OF INTEREST (POI): An intelligent flight mode that uses advanced positioning systems to put your drone on an automated flight path around a desired subject, while rotating the drone to keep the subject centered in the camera frame FOLLOW ME MODE: Drop the remote--let the drone follow your every move as it automatically captures & records every moment on film. GESTURE CONTROL: Just by using simple hand gestures, this drone will recognize and follow your every command
  • DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Battery Charger USB Cables for Drone X Pro AIR 1080P HD Dual Camera Quadcopter 3.7V 1000mAh Batteries. (2pcs)
    USB Charging Cable for Drone-Clone Xperts Drone X Pro AIR 1080P HD Dual Camera Quadcopter. USB cord ONLY-- Does not include battery or drone. Fully charges your 3.7V 1000mAh X Pro AIR Battery in 60-70 minutes 2x or 4x USB Charging Cables included (depending upon choice of qty purchased) Each USB charging cable charges 1 battery at a time
  • Drone-Clone Xperts 3.7V 1000mAh Rechargeable Batteries for Drone X Pro AIR 1080p HD Dual Camera RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Replacement (2pcs)
    COMPATIBLE with Drone-Clone Xperts - Both 1080P and 4K Dual Camera Drone X Pro AIR models. Also Compatible with Drone X Pro EXTREME *(IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure your drone looks exactly like the one in the photos here (different colors are OK, but different design will not be compatible). 2 BATTERIES INCLUDED. Each 3.7v 1000mAh battery provides 12-15 mins of flight time for your Drone-Clone Xperts X Pro AIR quadcopter Charging Time: 60-70 mins
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