• Goodman PCBFM103S Furnace Electronic Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    Wear work gloves to protect your hands This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; PCBFM131S,M0385305,M0385303,B13707-35S,B1370735S Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Goodman This electronic control board (part number PCBFM103S) is for furnaces Shut off the electrical power supply to the furnace before installing this part
  • Honeywell DP1030A5014 Deluxe Definite Purpose Contactor, 24 Vac 1 Pole
    Meets ARI-780 Standard at started ratings ! Silver cadmium oxide contacts provide long life under demanding duty cycles Low profile design allows for more wiring room
  • OEM Replacement for Trane Single Pole / 1 Pole 40 Amp Heavy Duty Condenser Contactor CTR02574
    This is a Brand New Upgraded 1 Pole 40 Amp Condenser Contactor This is a Heavy Duty contactor rated for up to 40 Amps! The coil is rated for 24 volts. This contactor will work with 99% of residential units!
  • White Rodgers 50A55-843 Ignition Control Module
    Universal hot-surface ignition module for air control Input Voltage: 25 VAC 50/60 Hz Genuine White Rodgers replacement part Manufacturer Part Number: 50a55-843 Ensure part is compatible with your appliance before ordering White Rodgers Genuine Replacement Part Appliance-replacement-parts
  • American Standard & Trane Replacement for CNT-1309 OEM Integrated Furnace Control Board
    This is a Brand New White Rodgers Furnace Control Board Top Quality Replacement Board Designed to Fit Trane and American Standard Furnaces
  • White-Rodgers 50A65-5165 White Rodgers Direct Replacement for Trane Single Stage Integrated Furnace Control, 80V Ignitor
    80 Vac Ignitor Output 120 vac humidifier output 120 vac electronic air cleaner output Fuse protection 5- amp Furnace status led
  • OEM Replacement for Trane Single Pole / 1 Pole 40 Amp Heavy Duty Condenser Contactor CTR00845 by Trane
    40 Amp Contactor , 1-Pole , 24V Coil Genuine OEM Contactor , Factory Component Commonly Used in Various American Standard / Trane Units Replaces / Supersedes: CTR1825 CTR-1825 CTR01825 CTR1282 CTR2574 CTR-2574 CTR02574 CTR0733 CTR0628 CTR00628 CTR-0628 CTR01037 CTR1037 CTR-1037 CTR00845 CTR-0845 CTR-0733 CTR01152 CTR-1152 CTR2652 CTR-2652 CTR02652 CTR1503 CTR-1503 CTR01503 HCCY1XQ04AA318 HN51KC024
  • Intermatic PE35300 80-Amps Panel 120/240-Volt 3-SPST, Color
    Includes one P1353ME mechanism Countdown and override features allow programs to be interrupted for service and automatically resumed without reprogramming your system 48/1000-Inch steel with electrostatically applied light beige finish enclosure 22-Inch (55. 9 cm) Height by 143/4-Inch (37. 5 cm) Width by 41/4-Inch (10. 8 cm) Diameter 80-Amps, 120, 240 VAC or 120, 208 VAC single phase
  • American Standard & Trane OEM CNT07690 / CNT-7690 Electronis Valve Control Board - Replaces CNT07508
    OEM Valve Control Board American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component Factory OEM Component , Unit Specific Part & Non-Returnable Commonly Found in the Following Series 7 Air Handlers: TAM7A0A24H21SCB , TAM7A0B30H21SCB , TAM7A0C36H31SCB , TAM7A0C42H31SCA , TAM7A0C48H41SCA , TAM7B0C60H51SBA , TAM7A0A24H21EAA , TAM7A0A24H21SDB , TAM7A0B30H21EAA , TAM7A0B30H21SDB , TAM7A0C36H31EAA , TAM7A0C36H31SDB , TAM7A0C42H31EAA , TAM7A0C42H31SDA , TAM7A0C48H41EAA , TAM7A0C48H41SDA , TAM7B0C60H51EAA , TAM7B0C60H51SCB Commonly Found in the Following Series 7 Air Handlers: TAM8C0A24V21CAA , TAM8C0A24V21CBA , TAM8C0A24V21EAA , TAM8C0B30V21CAA , TAM8C0B30V21CBA , TAM8C0B30V21EAA , TAM8C0C36V31CAA , TAM8C0C36V31CBA , TAM8C0C36V31EAA , TAM8C0C42V31CAA , TAM8C0C42V31CBA , TAM8C0C42V31EAA , TAM8C0C48V41CAA , TAM8C0C48V41CBA , TAM8C0C48V41EAA , TAM8C0C60V51CAA , TAM8C0C60V51CBA , TAM8C0C60V51EAA Replaces / Supersedes:  CNT7690 CNT-7690 CNT07690 CNT07508 CNT-7508 CNT7508 CNT07086 CNT-7086 CNT7086 CNT06903 CNT6903 CNT-6903 CNT6879 CNT06879 CNT-6879 D156941G08
  • Fill-Rite KIT812FL Flange Kit for RD8/RD12 Series Pumps
    Package Weight: 0.150 Kg Product Type: Mechanical Components Package Quantity: 1 Package Dimensions: 8.8Cm (L) X 9.2Cm (W) X 12.4Cm (H)
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