• Kastar 1-Pack Battery and Smart USB Charger Compatible with Durace DR10 DR10AA Battery, Durace DR11 PC-DR11 DR11AA CPI-IRIS 2 ISAP HH750 ISI Vision III Iris NightSight Cameras
    Battery Type: Ni-MH; Battery Voltage: 6.0V; Battery Capacity: 2650mAh. Easy to carry, the Charger Input: 5V 2-3A 15W; Output: 6.0V 800mA. Intelligent LED USB charger displays charging status and battery capacity. Multiple charging option, Micro-USB input and Type-C input, come with a Micro USB cable. Package includes: 1 Battery + 1 Smart charger
  • Audiotek - Output 5A Amp Mobile 13.8 Volt DC Power Supply at-PS5
    5 AMP DC Regulated Power Supply 110V Input 13.8V Output Easy to use with Short circuit protection Powers Cellular Phones, 12V DC CB Radios, Scanners, HAM Radios, Auto Sound Systems
  • 800mAh BR-403 Battery Replacement for DS-4000 DS-2300 DS-5000ID DS-5000 DS-3300 BR-403 BR-402
    Replacement Battery for Camera compatible with Model: Ni-MH Battery part number:BR-403 BR-402 Battery Specifications - Capacity: 800mAh, WH: 0.0Wh, Voltage: 2.4V, Type: Ni-MH All batteries are Certificated with ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, and MSDS
  • UpBright 24V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with Aviom PS-120 AN-16/i o A-16II R D T A360 AV-P2 Mixer EUA-101W-24 DPS240050UPS-P5-SZ DPD240040-P6 Sunny SYS1308-2424-W2 SYS1308-1824 Neat Connect NC-1000
    World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. UpBright NEW Global 24V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Aviom PS-120 PS120 AN-16/i AN-16/o A-16II A-16 II R D T A-16R A-16T A16II A16 A16R A16T A360 AV-P2 Personal Mixer Sunny SYS1308-2424-W2 SYS1308-1824 24VDC 500mA 750mA 1000mA DC24V 24.0V 0.5A 0.75A - 1A 24 Volt Compatible External Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Battery Charger Mains PSU ⚠️!!! (✅with Barrel Round Plug Tip) Compatible with: Aviom CUI INC Model EUA-101W-24 EUA101W24 Part No: DPS240050UPS-P5-SZ DPD240040-P6 DV-2440 DV2440; Aviom A360 A 360 Personal Mixer Monitor System AV-P2 AVP2 2-Channel Line-Level Output Module; Saitek R660GT R660 GT Force Feedback Steering Wheel PW12 PW12U; MEAN WELL GST18A24-P1J GST18A24P1J TRC Electronics, Inc.; CUI INC Model DSA-0151F-24A DSA-0151F-24 A 3A-251DN24 3A-2510N24 P/N: ETS240100UTC-P5P-SZ Switch Mode P/N: DPS240075U-P5 DVE Compatible with: Neat Connect NC-1000 NeatDesk ND 1000 3325 NeatConnect NC1000 ND1000 3325 Pass-Through Cloud Scanner and Digital Filing System; Plustek SmartOffice PS406 Smart Office PS 406 Duplex Color Sheetfed Scanner; Sunny SYS1308-2424-W2 SYS1308-1824 W2 SYS1308-2424-W2E SYS13082424W2 SYS13081824 Powertron Electronics Corp; PA1015-240HUB PA1015240HUB Compatible with: Logitech PS3 GT Driving Force Gaming Steering Wheel Driving force GT 941-000020 Steering Wheel 941-000045 941-000020 Driving Wheel GT Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel P/N: 190057-1001 190057-1002 PN 1900571001 1900571002; ITE I.T.E. Model: AD48-2400750DU AD482400750DU 24 V 750 mA 24 VDC 0.75 A - 1 Amp Switching Mode Power Supply
  • 3PC 300419-00035A - 3.6V Doosan Replacement Battery- Pro-Motion AC Servo Drive
  • 24V 5A Battery Charger for EA1065, S150 180 X-CEL, Jazzy 1107 614HD Smart Automatic
    Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Output: DC 24V 5A 120W Max. Faster Charge than 24V/1A, 24V/1.5A,24V/1.8A,24V/2A, 24V 3A,24V4A Connecter size: Male 3-Pin XLR Provides Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection to ensure a full charged battery Compatible Models: ActiveCare, Bladez XTR, Currie, Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding, Golden Technologies, GT, IZIP, Jazzy, LASHOUT, Mongoose, Pacesaver, Pride, Rascal , Shoprider Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!
  • 12V AC/AC Adapter for The Basement WATCHDOG Model: AC1201600-1 AC12016001 Part Number PARTNO. 1015001 Design No.: SSA-0990-00, BWSP1730 BWSP 1730 Gallons Hour Special Sump Pump 12VAC
    Input Voltage 110VAC 50Hz. Replacement AC Adapter/Charger ,100% Compatible with the device model listed. Charger/Adapter has total 6.5 Ft Long power cord. Safety Features: Over current protection; Total power protection; Over voltage protection; Short Circuit Protection. Manufactured with the highest quality materials. Certification: FCC, CE and RoHS.
  • Rackmount.IT | RM-CI-T8 | Rack Mount Kit for Cisco Firepower 1010
    Rack Mount Kit for Cisco Firepower 1010 - RM-CI-T8 is a direct replacement to the Rack Mount RM-CI-T2 (Cisco ASA 5506) PERFECT FIT: You can assemble your firewall or switch onto the rack with existing screws from the appliance for a perfect fit into our custom cut-outs; All connections are easily accessible from the front providing a clean look KEEP IT COOL: Custom model airflow cut-outs ensures that the hardware does not overheat by giving it all the breathing room it needs POWER: A fixed power supply secures the appliance from falling or shifting Product Dimensions: 2.32 in. x 18.98 in. x 8.54 in.; 1.3U/2U; Weight: 4 lbs; Part Number: RM-CI-T8
  • Powersonic PS-1220 - 12 Volt/2.5 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery with 0.187 Fast-on Connector
    Powersonic PS-1220 - 12 Volt/2.5 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery with 0.187 Fast-on Connector
  • AlveyTech 24 Volt 3.5 Amp XLR 24BC3000T-1 Battery Charger
    The 24 volt 3.5 amp XLR battery charger is one of the very best values in an all-around XLR charger with a broad range of applications. This three stage mobility scooter battery charger comes with an automatic shutoff feature. Compatible with models from Amigo, Bruno, Dalton, Golden, Invacare, Jazzy, Merits, Shoprider, and many more. This 24 volt charger is equipped with a safety feature which prevents it from charging batteries that are under 13.2 volts.
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