Propel sky rider drone | Coupon code

  • Propel RC Sky Rider(TM) 2.4GHz Quadcopter With Onboard Camera, Black, KH-2143
  • Propel Sky Rider 2.4ghz with Camera (RED)
    Onboard camera allows you to take video and still photos. 6-axis gyro helps ensure stability during flight. Execute daring 360° stunt rolls with just the push of a button. 3 speed settings are great for beginners and experienced pilots. Wide-range digital radio provides a flying range up to 400'.
  • Propel Star Wars Tie Fighter High Performance Quadcopter Battle Drone
    High performance Tie Advanced X1 Laser battling drone. Reverse propulsion blade system achieves speeds of up to 35 MPH. Laser battle game with other Propel Star Wars drones. Push button 360 aerial stunts, 3 speed settings for beginner to advanced pilots. Highly detailed, hand painted and serial numbered. Learn how to fly your Propel Star Wars drone on your smartphone before taking to the skies for real. Master flying and battling your T-65 X-Wing, Tie Advanced x1 or 74-Z Speeder Bike in 34 training missions set in a selection of environments from the Star Wars Galaxy.
  • Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Quadrocopter - 1 Drone - Assorted Collars
  • Propel Maximum Galactic X Streaming Video Drone Orange Aa
    Maximum Propel Galactic X Streaming Video Drone
  • spare parts for Propel Speed Star 2.4 Ghz Indoor & Outdoor Helicopter with New Switch-blade Technology by Propel
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