• 4-Pin Power Supply Replacement Unit ADP-200ER for Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Console 500GB CUH-1200 12XX 1215A 1215B - PSU Model N14-200P1A
    ★COMPATIBILITY - The power supply unit n14-200p1a adp-200er is for Sony playstation 4 ps4 cuh-1215a cuh-12xx series - for 4 pin power cable. ★HIGH PERPORMANCE - Made of premium material and very durable. ★TECH SPECS - AC Input: 100V-240V - 2.5A 50/60Hz. DC Output: +12V 4.8V.<br> ★NOTE - Please note this job requires professional skills. All accessories are shown in product page, you may prepare other parts that you need. ★PACKAGE LIST - 1 x Power Supply Unit
  • ADP-300FR Game Console Power Supply for PS4, ADP-300FR Power Supply Battery Unit Power Adapter Replacement CUH-7215B N17-300P1A Fit for PS4 PRO-7200
    Power Supply For Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Power supply model N17-300P1A / ADP-300FR PS4 Pro model CUH-7215B Perfectly fit for PS4 PRO-7200, great replacement for old power supply. Small size, high-quality ABS material, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, streamlined shape, completely sealed, easy to carry. Replacing your old part with this good one will solve your problem! This replacement is what works for the game doctor in you! Save money and fix your system by replacing it at a fraction of the original one price! Note: please note this item is a Disassembly parts from original device. (may get a little scratches) if you mind the condition, please do not order this
  • UpBright 14V AC Adapter Replacement for Samsung SyncMaster S22A300B S20A350B S24C300H S27B550V T22C350ND T24C550ND BX2231 BX2031 Monitor AD-4214N A3514_DPN BN44-00592B AD-4914N AP06314-UV BN44-00486A
    World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. UpBright New Global 14V AC / DC Adapter Replacement for Samsung SyncMaster 15" 17" 18" 19" 21" 22'' 24" 27" S22A300B S20A350B S24C300H T22C350ND LCD LED HD TV Monitor P/N: AD-4214N Dell AD-4214L AD-4914N BN44-00486A Etronics Corp. AP06314-UV AP06314UV AP06314_UV 14VDC 3A 42W 3.5A 49W 4.5A 63W 14.0V 3.0A DC14V Switching Mode Power Supply Cord Cable Charger Mains PSU Compatible with: Samsung LS27EFHKUF/ZA LS27EMDKU/EN LS27EMDKU/EN LS27EFHKUF ZA LS27EMDKU EN LS27EMDKU EN LS27EFHKUFZA LS27EMDKUEN LS27EMDKUEN LCD LED TV Monitor; Samsung S27B550V S27B750V S27B550 S27A950D LS27A950DS LS27A950DS/EN LS27A950DS/ZA LS27A950DSEN LS27A950EN BX2350 BX2450 BX2450L BX 2350 BX 2450 BX 2450L LTM1525 LTM1555 LTM1555B LTM1575WX LTM1755 LTM1755B LTM1775W LTM 1755 B W NC240 NC240M NS240 TC240 TS240C SyncMaster S23A350H LS23A350 LS23A350HS/ZA S19A200NW LS24A300B LCD LED Monitor Compatible: Samsung T24C550ND LED HD TV Monitor HDTV; Samsung SyncMaster 22" 24" 27" S24C770T T22C350ND S24C300HL S24C300H S24C350HL S24C350BL S24C370HL S24C550VL S24C550ML S24C550HL LS24C770TS/ZA S27C230B S27C230J S27C350H S27C500H S27C570H S27D360H 570S 570V TFT P/N: AD-3514 DPN A3514-DPN A3514-DHS BN44-00592B BN44-00080B BN44-00080D BN44-00131A BN98-04722A; Samsung LS22A300B LS22A300BSY/ZA Type NO. LS22A300 LS23A300B LS23A350H T23A550 FX2490HD; Samsung LED Monitor XL2370 XL 2370 / LTN1565 Compatible with: Samsung SyncMaster 150MP 1501MP 152B 152T 15" 173p 172B 172S 172T 171P 170T 17" 180T 18" 191T 192T 19" 21" 22'' 24" 27" S22A300B S20A350B S22A100N LCD LED HD TV Monitor HDTV; Sync Master LS22A350 LS22A300BS LS22A350H LS22A350HS/ZA LS24A350H 960BF; GY17MSGS LS15N13W LTN151 LTN1565 LTN1785W LTP1795W LW17E24CB MO17ESDSZ MO17PSDPV MO17PSDS; Dell AP04214-UV PSCV420102A 1503FP 1500FP 1700FP 1701/2 1701 1702 1701FP 1702FP 1900FP C020517077 IBM LG Samsung 101113-2 1011132 LCD Monitor
  • PDP Gaming LVL50 Wired Headset With Noise Cancelling Microphone: Grey - PS5/PS4
    Comfortable, lightweight build for long gaming sessions Immersive audio experience with powerful 50mm speaker drivers Flexible, noise-canceling mic with the flip-to-mute feature Compatible with 3D Audio on PlayStation 5 consoles PlayStation Official Licensed Product
  • [UL Listed] TFDirect LED LCD Monitor Adapter AD-48F19 DA-48F19 LCAP35 PSAB-L101A 19V for LG E1948S E1948SX E2242C E2249 PA-1650-64 Pa-1650-43 29LB4510 29LN4510 29LB4510-PU LED HD TV Power Supply Cord
    ✅【AMAZON'S CHOICE】LG Electronics 19'' 20'' 22'' 23'' 24'' 27'' LED LCD Monitor Widescreen LED LCD HDTV Compatible Models: 19EN33S, 19EN33S-B, 19EN33T, 19EN33V, 19EN43S, 19EN43T, 19M35A, 19M35D, 19M35D-B, 19M45A, 19M45D, 20EN33S, 20EN33T, 20EN33TS, 20EN33TS-B, 20EN33V, 20EN43S, 20EN43T, 20M35A, 20M35D, 20M35D-B, 20M45A, 20M45D, 22EA53T, 22EA53T-P, 22EA53V, 22EA63T, 22EA63T-P, 22EA63V, 22EC33T, 22EC33T-B, 22EN33S, 22EN33T, 22EN33T-B, 22EN33V ✅【 Safety Guarantee】100% OEM Compatible,Level VI Energy Efficiency,More Safety Than Others:This adapters was made with the highest quality materials.V-0 grade flame retardant,OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection); Input:100-240V,50-60Hz; Output:19V 2.53~3.42A (compatible:1.3A /1.7A/ 2.1A/ 2.53A/ 3.42A) 32W ~40W ~48W ~65W // 24" LG Electronics 24M37A 24M37D 24M37H 24M37HQ 24M37H-B 24M37D-B 24M37A-B ✅【Compatible Models】LG E1942S,E1942S-BN,E1942TC-BN,E2040T-PN,E2042S,E2042T,E2242S,E2242T,E2242T-BN,E2242V,E2342V,E2342V-BN,EB2242T,EB2242T-BN,EB2342T,IPS224T,IPS224T-PN,IPS224V,IPS224V-PN,LCAP21,LCAP26-A,LCAP26-B,LCAP26-E,LCAP26-I,LCAP36-A,LCAP36-I,LCAP36-U,LCAP42,PSAB-L202B,PSAB-L202C,PSAB-L202D,PSAB-L203A IPS234T,IPS234V,IPS237L,IPS237L-BN,IPS277L,IPS277L-BN/ E1940T E1948S E2242C E2249 W1934S W1943S W1947C E1942S E2042T E2042S E2242T E2242S E2342T E2442T E2251S E2251T E2251T-BN ✅【Compatible Models】LG Electronics 24LB451B 24LB451B-PU 24LB451B-PU.DUSQLPM 24LB451BPU 22EN43S, 22EN43T, 22EN43T-B, 22EN43V, 22M34D, 22M34D-B, 22M35A, 22M35D, 22M45A, 22M45D, 22M45D-B, 22M45H, 22MP56HC, 22MP56HN, 22MP56HQ, 22MP56HQ-P, 23EA53V, 23EA53T, 23EA53V-P, 23EN33S, 23EN43S, 23EN43T, 23EN43T-B, 23EN43V, 23ET63B, 23ET63B-W, 23ET63V, 23ET83V, 23ET83V-W, 23M45D, 23M45D-B, 23M45H, 24M34D, 24M34D-B, 24M35D, 24M45D, 24M35A, 24M45H, 24M45H-B, 22MC37D 22MC37D-B 22MC57HQ 22MC57HQ-P ✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! -Our products have passed the UL/ CE / FCC / RoHS test and Got the certificates.We Guarantee 24 x 7 Email Support,36 Months warranty, 90 Days Money Back Guarantee!!! Buy with confidence!
  • Genuine Arris ADP-36LR A AC Adapter Power Supply for Cable Media Gateway DCX 3600 DCX 3600-M 12V 3A OEM
  • ANGWEL New 14V 3A 42W Adapter Charger for Samsung LTM1555 Samsung LTN1565 LCD 15" LCD Monitor A3514-DPN,AD-4214N, GH17P, AD-4214L
    MODEL: A3514-DPN INPUT:100-240V~1.8A~0.6A 50/60Hz OUTPUT: 14V=3A Pin Size: 6.0mm*4.4mm Power: 42W Color: black Condition: new Warranty: one year Package include: 1x Ac adapter * 1x Ac power Cord Fit for Part No: A3514-DPN AD-4214N, GH17P, AD-4214L, BN44-00080A, SCV420108 and BN44-00058A Warranty: .we are support 24 x 7 Email ,12 Months warranty, 30 days money return guarantee .
  • UpBright 14V AC Adapter Compatible with Samsung A2514_FPN S24E310HL S22D300 LS22D300 S23C340H S22E360H S24E390HL S27E360F BN44-00454A PS30W-14J2 AD-3014STN AD-3014 B N ADS-30NJ-12 PS30A-14J1 Monitor
    World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection).Tested Units. In Great Working Condition.UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. UpBright New Global AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Samsung Model A2514_FPN A2514FPN S24E310HL LS24E310HL/ZA S22D300 LS22D300 LS22D300NY LS22D300HY LS22D300NY/ZA LS22D300HY/ZA S23C340H S27F354 S27F358 S27F359 S24F359 S23C340H BN44-00454A PS30W-14J2 AD-3014STN AD-3014 ADS-30NJ-12 AD-3014N AD3014N A3014VE 14030GPCN PS30W-14J1 PS30A-14J1 AD-3014B AD3014B B3014NC ADM3014 ADM 3014 LED LCD TV Monitor 14VDC 14V 14.0V 1.78A - 1.79A - 2.14A 30W Power Supply Cord Cable Charger Mains PSU Compatible with Samsung S27F354 S27F358 S27F359 S27F354FH S27F358FW S27F359FH S27F354FH* S27F358FW* S27F359FH* S27F352 S27F352FH S27F352FH* S27F352FHN LS27F352FHNXZA 27.0" S22F354FH* S24F354 S24F356 S24F354FH S24F356FH S24F354FH* S24F356FH* S24F359 S24F359F S24F359FH S24F359FH* S24F359FHC LS24F359FHCXXF SF350 S19F350 LS19F350HNNXZA LED Monitor; Samsung C27F397 C27F397FH C27F397FHC LC27F397FHCXXF Curved S22D300 LS22D300 LS22D300NY LS22D300HY LS22D300NY/ZA LS22D300HY/ZA 21.5" Monitor; Compatible with Samsung S24E310HL LS24E310HL/ZA S24E360HL S24E390HL S24E391HL S24E393HL S27E360F S27E360H S27E390H S27E391H S27E393H S27E395H S22E360H S22E390H S22E391H S22E393H S22E395H S22E310 S22E310H S23C340H S23C340BS S23C340HS SyncMaster S24A300BL LS24A300 LS24A300BL/CI LS24A300BL/EN BN68-00614A-00 24" LED Backlight LCD Monitor; Samsung Model PS30W-14J2 BN44-00454A BN44-00454C BN44-00394D BN44-00394L BN44-00394G BN44-00394F BN44-00394H BN44-00394M AD-3014STN AD-3014 AD-3014ST PS30W-14J1; Compatible with Samsung Model BN4400454A BN4400454C BN4400394D BN4400394L BN4400394G BN4400394F BN4400394H BN4400394M AD3014 PN3014 AD3014ST AD3014STN PS30W14J1 LCD LED Monitor 14 VDC 14V 30W 30Watts Power Supply Charger;
  • XSPANDER Power Supply ADP-240AR Replacement for Sony Playstation 4 PS4 CUH-1001A (5 Prongs)
    AC input : 100-240V 2.5A 50/60Hz ;DC Output: 12V <br> Model: ADP-240AR<br> This power supply has a 5 pin connection. Fitment for:<br> CUH-1101A Series (Same as in 1100A 1102A 1103A 1104A 1105A 1106A 1107A 1108A 1109A 1110A 1111A 1112A 1113A 1114A 1115A 1116A) <br> Package Included: 1*Power Supply Adapter for Sony ps4 as image display Please note this item is a Disassembly parts from original device. (may get a little scratches) if you mind the condition, please do not order this
  • Honeywell Scanning 46-00525-6 Honeywell, Accessory, 110V Wall Power Supply, Level Vi, for 1200G, 1250G, 1300G, 1400G, 1900, 1902, 1910I, 1911I, and 95Xx Scanners
    Honeywell Accessory 110V wall power supply Country of origin - united states
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