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  • Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Voyager WFC-E9 Starscream Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 7-inch
    DISCOVER EARTHRISE: The siege is over, but the War for Cybertron has just begun. The Autobots and Decepticons have left Cybertron, but their battle rages on as they speed through space in pursuit of the Allspark BUILD THE BATTLEFIELD BEYOND: Earthrise figures allow fans to build out epic space battle scenes, featuring figures that can convert into Modular Battle Station modes and connect together to expand the battlefield (each sold separately, subject to availability) G1 EARTH MODES AND WEAPONS: Starscream figure converts into classic G1 jet mode in 30 steps and comes with 2 weapon accessories EXCITING REVEAL: Every pack includes a piece of the Transformers Universe map and a red decoder to unlock the map's hidden paths Collect other Earthrise figures to piece together the full map (Each sold separately. Subject to availability)
  • Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron Voyager Wfc-S24 Starscream Action Figure - Siege Chapter - Adults & Kids Ages 8 & Up, 7"
    Build the ultimate battlefield: discover an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures and weapon accessories with Siege figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Customizable weapon load out: starscream figure comes equipped with 2 weapon accessories. Figure features multiple weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom weapon configurations in Bot and vehicle modes. Expandable weapon selection: fans can build bigger mission loadouts by compiling an arsenal of additional weapon accessories from other Siege figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Inspired cybertronian Alt Mode: This articulated Voyager class wfc-s24 stars cream toy features classic conversion between robot and cybertronian jet modes in 22 steps. Add battle effects: attach fire blasts accessories (not included. Included with battle Masters figures. Each sold separately. Subject to availability) to the ends of weapon accessories to simulate blaster fire coming from weapons.
  • Transformers Toys Heroes and Villains Bumblebee and Starscream 2-Pack Action Figures - for Kids Ages 6 and Up, 7-inch
    HEROES VS. VILLAINS: The heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons face off as the legendary battle continues! Imagine epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons with classic Transformers characters 7-INCH SCALE: This 2-pack includes 7-inch figures depicting the courageous Autobot scout, Bumblebee, and the scheming Decepticon second-in-command, Starscream 2-IN-1 CONVERSION: Both figures feature simple conversion perfect for young Transformers fans age 6 and up G-1 INSPIRED ALT MODE: Bumblebee toy converts between robot and sportscar modes in 5 steps. Starscream toy converts between robot and jet modes in 6 steps. Comes with 2 null ray accessories. BUILD A COLLECTION: Look for other Transformers Heroes and Villains 2-Packs to imagine battles between the Autobots and Decepticons! (Each sold separately, subject to availability).
  • Takara Tomy MP-52 Starscream Ver.2.0 "Transformers Masterpiece
    【Product Details】 set content Starscream Ver.2.0 body, Null beam cannon x 2, replacement face (surprise), replacement face (smile), replacement face (ridiculous), replacement face (screaming), Replacement Face (Plan), Megatron Gun, Drill, Magic Hand, Asteroid Fragment, Effect Parts (A), Effect Parts (B), Effect Parts (C), Effect parts (D) x 2, adapter, TF power base (base A), TF power base (base B), arm, character card, instruction manual Target age: 15 years old and over
  • Tra Gen Studio Series Voyager Starscream
    Choose your side: join the mighty Autobots or the destructive Deceptions Most Transformers toys feature awesome weapons and cool converting features Collect cool converting characters from the show Transformers: Robots in disguise Relive the original adventures with Transformers Generations figures
  • Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Class WFC-K12 Starscream Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 3.5-inch
    DISCOVER KINGDOM: Worlds collide when the Maximals and Predacons join the fight, coming together with the Autobots and Decepticons in an epic battle that will alter their destiny forever 3.5-INCH CORE CLASS SCALE: This collectible figure stands at the new Core Class scale and depicts the scheming Decepticon second-in-command, Starscream! The 3.5-inch mini-figure allows fans to collect a mini version of the iconic character to pose out with other Starscream figures at larger scales! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.) CLASSIC G1 EARTH MODE: This Core Class Starscream toy converts to G1-inspired Earth jet mode in 17 steps CLASSIC G1 ACCESSORY: Comes with his 2 classic Null Ray weapon accessories GREAT GIFT: This 3.5-inch Starscream makes a great gift for both kids and adults!
  • Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream
    MP-11 - Masterpiece Starscream - Coronation Set - Reissue Subject Gender: Boys Age: 15 years old (C) TOMY comes with the Starcream throne succession version
  • Transformers - More The Meets The Eye - Starscream
    Transformers Titan Changers figures feature popular Transformers characters at a 11-inch scale.
  • Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Action Attackers Warrior Class Starscream Action Figure, Starseeker Missile Move, 5.4-inch
    5.4-INCH STARSCREAM FIGURE: Warrior Class Starscream figure is 5.4-inches tall. REPEATABLE ATTACK MOVE: Convert the evil Starscream to activate his signature Starseeker Missile move. Fun attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps. 2-IN-1 CONVERTING TOY: Easy Transformers conversion for kids 6 years old and up! Convert Starscream toy from jet to robot mode in 5 steps. Makes a great gift for kids! TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE CHARACTER: Blue, grey and red Starscream toy robot inspired by the Scheming Decepticon Second-In-Command from the Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures cartoon, as seen on Cartoon Network and YouTube. INSPIRED BY CARTOON NETWORK SHOW: In the G1-inspired Cyberverse series, giant Transformers robots from the planet Cybertron engage in epic battles, activating signature abilities known as Action Attacks! Kids can imagine unleashing this special power with this Action Attackers figure!
  • Transformers Cyberverse Scout Class Starscream
    Scout Class Starscream figure inspired by the Cyberverse animated series Each Action Attackers figure performs a signature character attack move Convert Starscream to activate Wing Slice Action Attack move. Once converted, attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps. Changes from robot to jet mode in 6 steps Includes Starscream figure and instructions. Ages 6 and up.
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