• Powermate Vx 026-0187RP Power Cord - 6-Foot
    230-Volt 15 Amp 6-Feet A professional electrician is recommended for installation of all new power cords onto air compressors
  • CA-930 DC-930 AC Power Adapter for Canon EOS C100 ac,Canon XF100 ac,Canon XF105 ac,Canon XF300 ac,Canon XF305 ac
    Ac Power Adapter Equivalent To Canon CA-930, DC930, CA930, for Canon EOS C100, XF100, XF105, XF300, XF305, Video Camcorder
  • Med Zebra-Gator 8 24in Jmpr Wires 15A
    Factory only available from Airstar Supply , the ONLY Approved Zebra Instruments Vendor Heavy resealable carry pouch and velcro hang strap. Heavy resealable carry pouch and velcro hang strap. Package of 8 Small Size (up to 15 Amp) Alligator Jumper Wires. Used on control circuits; up to 15 Amps capacity.
  • UpBright 9V AC/AC Adapter Compatible with Alesis P3 Micron HR16 M-EQ MEQ-230 D4 DM4 DM5 DM8 RP 100 200 250 P3X110 3630 7-40-0903 A30910C A30980C U090085A AC-9 A9100UL-950 Art 9VAC 830mA Power Supply
    ⚠️Output: 9 VAC 1000 milliamps Compatible with 300mA 500mA 800mA 830mA / 100 - 1000 mA. NOT 9VDC❌. NOT 12V ❌ DC. NOT AC/DC ❌converter. NOT for 9VAC 1.9A ❌and 2A ❌Version. ⚠️ (w/ Barrel Round plug tip. NOT Ear ❌ Phone Plug End. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit.) Input: 110V - 117V - 120VAC 60Hz or 220V - 230V - 240VAC 50Hz Suitable Input Voltage For Your Shipping Address. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. UpBright New 9V AC - AC Adapter Compatible with Alesis P3 Micron HR16 DM4 DM5 P3 M-EQ MEQ-230 MPX-100 MEQ HR-16 SR-16 D4 DM 4 DM 5 D 4 D5 Drum Machine 7-40-0903 740-0903 7-400903 7400903 A30910C A30980C U090085A 9 Volts 830 mA 9VAC 830mA AC9V 0.83A 1A 9.0V 100mA 1000mA 9.0VAC AC9.0V 9 VAC Power Supply Cord Cable Battery Charger Mains PSU (w/ Barrel Round plug tip. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit. Thanks.) Fits ALTEC LANSING AC-9 A9100UL-950 AC9 A9100UL950 CYBER ACQUSTICS Compatible with: Alesis Trigger I/O IO Performance Pad PerformancePad Pro Performance Multi Pad Percussion Drum Machine; Alesis Micron Synth Synthesizer P3X110; AC9V Alesis A30980C; Alesis Multimix 4 Multimix4 Multimix6 4 / 6 Cue USB Mixer 10V 9VAC - 10VAC 500mA-1000mA 0.5A-1A (NOT Fit Multimix 8/16); Alesis 41C-7 41C7 TYPE B (with barrel plug tip. NOT mono phone tip.); Lexicon Reflex MEQ-230 MEQ230 Graphic Equalizer Alesis DEQ224 DEQ230 iED04 iDM02 MEQ230 Fits: Alesis Nanoverb Nano Verb Nanopiano Nanosynth Nanobass Digital Effects Processor; HR-16B HR16B-K HR16BK DM6 Studio Kit Electronic Drum Kit; DIGITECH WHAMMY-RP-VX PEDAL 9 VOLT WHAMMYRPVX Alesis DM8 USB Kit Pro H.D. Drum Module RP 100 RP 200 RP 250 RP100 RP200 RP250 Digitech 9VAC 500mA- 1000mA - 1300mA 1.3A; 9V ALESIS U090085A 9VAC 850mA 800mA 0.8A; AC9-08B AC908B iON iDM02 ModFX PerformancePad; Alesis Micron Synth Synthesizer P3X100 P3X110 Compatible with: Alesis 3630; ART 9V Tube MP Studio V3 Preamplifier Variable Valve Voicing USB Dual Tube Microphone Mic Preamp TubeMPSTV3 MP/C FXR Stereo XTREME Guitar Distortion Multi Effects Pedal AQualities MA410910 Applied Research MKA-41091000 GPU410901000WA00 GPU410901000WAOO CA Cyber Acoustics ARI A410900800U 100-1500112. Numark DM950 DM 950 M1 A JODEN JOD-41U-03A JOD41U03A NF-A0910 NFA0910 Sceptre U090100A30 STANTON ESM-11 9 VAC 1 A Direct Plug-In Class 2 Transformer
  • ReadyWired Power Cord Cable for HP EliteDisplay E202, E232 Monitor
    Brand new high quality AC power cable, 100% compatibility guaranteed Lifetime Cable Replacement Warranty! Orders Ship Within 1 Business Day! Length: 6 Ft.
  • Portkeys New Power Cable for BM5 Camera Monitor, 4 Pin Aviation to D-TAP Port Charging Cable
    New design for Portkeys BM5 camera monitor, 4 Pin aviation to D-TAP port charging cable.
  • Power Supply Cable Set,Replacement Cable for GAMEMAX VP-600-RGB and Most Semi-Modular Power Supply
  • ASI XCSW241C 24Vdc DIN Rail Power Supply with Pluggable Wire Connections, 10A, 240W Output, 185 to 550 VAC Input
    High reliability and Immunity against overvoltage due to failures on AC line Single, split and three phase 185-550vac Short Circuit, overload, over temperature, input / output overvoltage protection High outrush current for starting-up heavy loads High efficiency and low dissipated power
  • AC/DC Adapter for Atlinks USA Inc 5-2625 52625 DC950 Class 2 Power Supply Cord, 5 Feet, with LED Indicator
    Input : 100V - 240V worldwide Brand New, High Quality AC Wall Power Supply Adapter Charger, not original but 100% compatible Intelligent Switching circuit will recognize a full battery & automatically switches to a save mode Plug never heats or overcharges the battery, Short circuit protection Please don't confuse us with the low quality / low current ones in the market. Please make sure that your model is listed in this listing, if your model is not listed, please send us a question to confirm compatibility
  • AC Adapter for Simmons SD500 / SD9K Drum Set Module DC Power Supply Charger Cord Cable, 5 Feet, with LED Indicator, Compatible Replacement
    Please make sure that your model is listed in this listing, if your model is not listed here, please send us a question to confirm compatibility Replacement only, Not Original but 100% Compatible Brand New High Quality Power Supply Adapter Input : 100V - 240V worldwide Over Voltage output Protection, Over Current output Protection. Short Circuit output Protection. Please don't confuse us with the low quality / low current ones in the market.
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