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  • War Thunder Premium Package SONY PS4 PLAYSTATION 4 JAPANESE
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - PlayStation 4
    Innovation in the Sky: Breathtaking clouds coupled with highly detailed aircraft and photorealistic scenery makes this the most engaging Ace Combat to date. Return to Strangereal: The alternative Ace Combat universe composed of real-world current and near-future weapons, but with a history steeped in Ace Combat lore. All new arsenal of ultra-modern super weapons and formidable enemies.
  • Air Conflicts - Double Pack - PlayStation 4
    Experience an epic campaign filled with heroic moments and the harrowing effects of war Pilot and customize more than 20 planes and helicopters, including the workhorse UH-1 Huey Iroquois, fire-breathing AH-1 Cobra attack gunships, the devastating F-4 Phantom and F104 Starfighter jets. Command up to four jets or helicopters, combining their unique abilities to complete challenging objectives and earn experience. Play online with up to eight online opponents in nail-biting, fast-paced capture-the-flag, deathmatch and team deathmatch air battles. PS4 TM exclusive features: 'Lost Letters' bonus campaign, All-new Carrier Battle multiplayer mode Exclusive MiG-19 and MiG-21 supersonic aircrafts
  • Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - PlayStation 4
    49 varied missions taking place across 7 unique campaigns, each based on real resistance movements in WWII 20+ locations allow the player to fly through environments that immerse them in the era Pilot more than 20 individual aircraft, in both WWI and WWII settings Online Multiplayer - with 5 different modes and up to 8 players: Deathmatch, Everyone against Everyone, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Destroy & Protect Fly in both World War I & II - the only game that allows you to fly in both the great wars of the twentieth century with innovative 'Flashback Missions'
  • PS4 ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN (US) [video game]
  • Air Missions HIND - PlayStation 4
    Soar through the sky in an Mi-24 Hind assault hele, a.k.a. The Flying Tank Fight in Single player and Multiplayer - Death match, Instant Action & Online Co-op Hover over Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Arctic Ocean & Southeast Asia Equip devastating weapons and missiles, such as GUV gun pods and FAB bombs Master your aircraft with three different helicopter control difficulty levels
  • Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection PS4 - PlayStation 4
    Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection offers realistic real-time strategy gameplay with tactical depth and a historic al setting across 11 campaigns. Contains all free content updates available, with over 10 new maps and gameplay refinements. Command German and Soviet forces in the Battle of Kursk - one of the largest tank battles of World War II! Adapt and refine the military doctrines of more than 20 renowned commanders, such as Heinz Guderian, George S. Patton or Charles de Gaulle for a different strategic and tactical approach to each scenario. Pit yourself against other commanders or challenging enemy AI enemies in competitive multiplayer modes.
  • Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 for PS4 and PC - PlayStation 4
    Ergonomically designed to adapt to all types of flight Adjustable stick resistance Dual rudder system-rotating handle with integrated locking system or progressive tilting lever
  • Mad Catz Pacific AV8R Stick for PlayStation 3
    Styled after WWII fighter planes 3 buttons, heavy-duty trigger and POV analog stick Military-inspired grip with soft-touch rubber finish Dual mode switch for compatibility with all your favorite flying games Removable handle provides convenient storage
  • HORI PS4 HOTAS Flight Stick for PlayStation 4 Officially Licensed By Siea - PlayStation 4
    Separate joystick and throttle for realistic "hands on stick-and-throttle" (HOTAS) controls Adjustable joystick sensitivity & throttle resistance Integrated headset jack and vibration feedback for enhanced immersion Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC Officially Licensed by SIEA
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